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11 May 2015 @ 03:23 pm

Hello :)
I'm trying to sell some things. :D

Currently for sale:
♥ Animal Earmuffs (pre-order)
♥ 8GB Octopus Flash Drives (pre-order)
♥ Rilakkuma iPhone Covers (pre-order)
♥ Extra Arashi Goods
♥ Fan-made cell phone charms
(& Happiness)

Please come visit :)

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01 April 2015 @ 02:49 pm
Archive of my random desktop layouts, because they're just rather amusing to me. They're sadly my source of amusement every month. It also reminds me that yes indeed, time is passing.

EDIT: All of 2010 updated!
I also linked them to their original creators if I could re-find them, so click the image to download it if you like!

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06 November 2013 @ 10:43 pm
Hi, I have some items for sale~

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Last time I translated an article for Japanese class, I forgot to post the translations for the world to enjoy.

My impressions:
It's a pretty standard interview. Like, nothing's really that new, and nothing's out of character, but there were a few lines that interested me. Like, that he doesn't plan on going to Europe for leisure until he's married, so there's no point in hoping to run into him when on vacation there. (^_^;)> Though it made me realise that I should have that mindset too--to go to interesting but dangerous places when I'm single so that I can go to those nice, vacation spots with my family when I'm married. But... Sho is different than me and he can find people to guide him well in those places without being in dangerous situations. But I'm afraid of going to those kind of places because I actually am alone.

And it's just interesting to hear him say in words that he doesn't want a stay-at-home wife. It's reassuring to me because there definitely are those guys that want a trophy wife--though in the end, Sho's wife will be surely pretty and elegant and respectable enough to be a trophy wife.

Also, hearing about his thoughts on traveling overseas and wanting to travel a lot, etc. He always says this stuff. But I have wanderlust right now (a.k.a. the lust to wander, i.e. wanting to travel), so even though Sho and I would not be compatible together whatsoever--because I have seriously no knowledge about the world or news or politics or history, and have no interest for that, and I don't care about rap or exploring different kinds of music like he does--that one small paragraph made me think, "Damn. I kinda really wanna marry Sho right now." Though I really just want to travel with him. I just really want to travel and want someone to travel with me.

- x -

Scan credit to saobang2211

"Of course, Europe’s pretty streets are charming too, but it’s not like I have to go there now. It’s somewhere I would take my wife once I get married.”Collapse )

I saw this today. And thought he was gorgeous. I mean, the questions are pretty interesting too, but the gorgeousness of this man increases the interest by 150%. Really.

So, since the vocabulary was like, "Ooh! I understand over 90% of your words!" I figured I could (and I should, you know? (<-- awkward "Song for me" reference.)) sub it. It's cute. And otherwise, it might become buried forever. So... yeah... no other reason. Um... happy February.

So. Yeah. Because I'm kind of lazy to get screen caps, let's just watch his gorgeousness.

ZIP! Ultimate Questions for Aiba Masaki [2012.01.26]
File Size: 63 MB
Length: 7:11
Resolution: 1280x720


Mirrors welcome. Comments welcome. Welcome, welcome!

Hey! How ya doin'?

Merry Sho Day and a Happy (Chinese) New Year!! 30, huh~ I've always thought of him as late 20s since that's when I came into the fandom (and cause he does the news, and have you seen America's newscasters?), but when Aiba-chan turns 30, I'll be like, whooooaaaa... where is the time, come back, ohmygah, half my life is gone. Haha~ But no, really.

Anyhoo~ BEFORE MY GIFT (as in, after all this text, there's a gift), as part of Sho Day (not really), let's take a moment to have an unofficial Ichimen from yours truly~ as in, no, not Sho-chan, me. :P

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23 December 2011 @ 09:00 am
Happy birthday, Aiba-chan!

I figured I should sub an episode, and this episode really made me cry at the end. Really. It makes you feel what Aiba-chan and Oh-chan feel when they get drunk together. "Arashi's really the besssttt~"

Summary: 250 guests from the Touhoku region where the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake hit the hardest were brought out to the VS Arashi studio for a day. The opposing team is also from the Touhoku region, and together, Arashi, the VS Arashi staff, and the opposing team hoped to provide a supportive smile to the victims of the 2011 Great East Japan Earthquake.

Gif credited to fuckyeahaimiya on Tumblr

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Happy Christmahanukwanzaibaka! Or as Jun-kun says: "Happy Merry Christmas!"

I barely made it in time for Aiba-chan's Japanese birthday... but it's the start of his American birthday! But it's not like we don't celebrate everyday how glad we are he was born and able to bless us with his miracle-ness~ or I do anyways. Or I just happen to think it whenever I see him smile or hear his laugh. :) I wonder if they sent Aiba-chan his annual text message at midnight :)

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04 December 2010 @ 01:54 am
I figure I should archive some of the things I've made to surround myself in the shadows of their glory. I like looking at people's (usually amazing) DIY things, so I figured I should share mine too~ [look of innocence]

NOTE: If anyone's wondering, "Uh... what is this supposed to be?" click on the image and it will direct you to what was supposed to be my inspiration.

F(angirl freak fabricating fan-made fun)... no Arashi?Collapse )
Hello, lovelies! (I'm not sure why, but I woke up with a creepy Aussie voice in my head...)

I'm sorry, I should have released this 24 hours ago! Releasing it yesterday would have equaled 2 bulls eyes: Thanksgiving in the U.S. and Oh-chan's birthday in Japan. But I couldn't release this yesterday because I didn't finish and so I stayed up and finished it. :-\ Sorry. Gah. Forgot "Thanksgiving" was actually in the name too! I'll probably late with the part 2 too.

I am thankful for Oh-chan's mum being born, so that she could give birth to Oh-chan and he could give birth to Arashi! (With the help of 4 other guys... (゚∀゚) )Collapse )

So, what is this, you ask? In 2007, Arashi and Kokubun Taichi hosted an athlete's festival wherein 50 athletes (some whom later appeared in their shows and opening talks... P.S. Ronaldinho was always used, along with Choi Hong Man, by Oh-chan to describe his age group) were assembled and they were split into 5 teams led by Arashi, and they all answered quiz questions whilst watching some athletes participate in crazy awesome games. Some of them, Arashi will participate in, which I shall list... now:

PART 1: "What is under? What is under?"
(Haha, Aiba Engrish. ♥)
1. Ogura x Shiota's Badminton Challenge (featuring Old Man Oh-chan)
2. Uehara Kouji vs. Randy Johnson's Pitching Challenge (Aiba-chan's just there, looking hot)
3. Yokomine Sakura + the Miyazato Brothers's Golf Challenge (Aiba-chan's still there, hot)
4. NINOMIYA'S... Ronaldinho's Soccer Challenge (Nino's still awesome)
5. Asao Miwa and Nishibori Takemi's Volleyball Challenge (Aiba-chan's still, still hot.)

I only have part 1 done now, sorry. You can wait to download it when I finish part 2 (in a long time), but the splitting of parts won't make you feel unresolved unless you're hung up on which team wins, in which isn't at ALL the point since they only showed the points like once, never tells you who's in the lead, etc. Anyways, I'll do my best to get part 2 done by Aiba-chan's birthday! (>_<) If not, then by Sho-chan's. :)

Editing Notes:
1. I didn't sub the written words.  Sorry. I think I have OCD so I wanted everything to be pretty but I don't have the time for that so I only did the things that made me go, "Oh, I think this was a helpful annotation." (Mostly the quiz questions because I have a short attention span and forgot which answer choice was which.) Literally, everything not subbed written on the screen is being SAID in the audio, and since I subbed the audio, you're not missing anything.
2. I don't speak Spanish. Alas, yes, I live in Texas and have several Spanish friends, but... I feel providing flawless raw Spanish dialogue in this free English fansub wasn't... pertinent? Since I don't know Spanish and this is an English translation... [blinks] But I added the "hola"s and "te quiero mucho." Those who speak Spanish can understand; I subbed all Japanese and all of the captions which summarized Ronaldinho's Spanish.

Anyhoo, I usually write my comments on weird screencaps, but I felt bad back around... too long ago when I started this project and so I wrote my comment on the screencap itself.

P.S. -- Aiba-chan's seriously hot. I took these screencaps on June 1 (yes, I procrastinated for a long time), and as I subbed 2~3 days ago, I saw him again and thought, "Man, he's hot!" and was going to screencap him again before realising I had already screencapped him with that exact same comment back in June. Haha~

I'm thankful for Oh-chan being born.
Because I'm thankful for Arashi.
Because I'm thankful for all of the kind smiles they've given me.
Happy birthday, old man Oh-chan!

2007 History's Greatest Sports Thanksgiving Festival (PART 1)
File Size: 704 MB
Resolution: 640x360 px (Sorry, this is from 2007 before all this HQ.)
Raw provided by the lovely elenniel (ʘ‿ʘ)

Mediafire: part i // part ii // part iii // part iv

P.P.P.S. - Selfish request but, does anyone want to exchange Christmas cards? Some people on my f-list are doing that and even though I don't comment much to them, it makes me incredibly happy to think I'll get a Christmas card (and give them one in exchange)! So, if anyone wants to exchange Christmas cards (not fancy, fancy ones... paper technology is amazing), send me a message or leave it in a comment and I'll send you a message! ヽ(´ー`)人(´∇`)人(`Д´)ノ

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