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(じゃなくて) この関係いつまでも続くの?


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Greetings and salutations fellow Homo sapiens! Since this text is under the "Bio" section, I figure something should be biographical, so:

★ Arashi fan since about 2008 (Nino fan since around 2007; knew of Jun-kun's existence since 2006).
★ If you ask me who my ichiban is, you'll get a crazy long answer. I usually apologise for rambling... but if I were really that apologetic, I wouldn't do it, huh. ┐('~`;)┌
★ It's my fan girl dream to assemble 4 other fans and perform an Arashi dance. If it's yours too, tell me, and I'll freaking teleport to you.
★ Like several English-speaking Arashi fans, one day I'll go to a concert. And I'll make an uchiwa.
★ Oh! Here's an interesting fact!! During the North American premiere of GANTZ when Nino and MatsuKen came to L.A., I totally wasn't there but I was watching from a really crappy theater in Texas when they answered my question!! But the host was a bum and didn't read my name, grr. But it's okay, because Nino and MatsuKen were soooooo kind to answer super cutely~ and it made me happy for over a week~

Anyhoo~ message me if you want to be my friend, or befriend me on Tumblr or Facebook, I really don't care~ you know how Aiba-chan follows the theory "Animal lovers can't be bad people!!"? Well, to me, Arashi fans can't be bad people! Oh. But... I fail at social situations. Haha. So... I'll prolly always bring up Arashi in some form or other. Yup. That's why I can't get married. (´∀`)

Profile layout from rainbowdump.
User layout from arashi_layouts.
User banner from me.

I'm sorry if I'm using an icon you made, I just save a bunch and use them at different times so they might have been saved on my hard drive up to 4 years ago. No, really. I began icon shopping in 2007-8 when I made an Arashi icon binder. Really. I have proof.

Tumblr → Arashi squealing!
Facebook → Let's be Arashi friends!
Deviant Art → Arashi DIY!
Etsy → ... General sales.

★ PIKA☆NCHI: Life is hard だけど happy